Deer Harbor Live -- Autumn 2010

by Khadoma and Kevin

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This album was recorded live at Orcas Island, WA during the Full Moon Autumn Equinox, 2010. On a rainy night, about 100 friends and many babies gathered in the cozy old Deer Harbor Community Hall to share an evening of music. Our set was followed by a stunning and intimate performance by Katie Gray (

Deep thanks to Darin Leong for producing the event, Ali Boe for the beautiful stage altar, and all the friends who co-created the magic. Enjoy!


released December 1, 2010

Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics by Khadoma Colomby
Bass Guitar, Vocals by Kevin Dickey
Engineered by Kevin Dickey and Jake Perrine
Mastered by Jake Perrine
Photo by Adam Starr




Khadoma Olga, Washington

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Track Name: Ancient We Are
Our limbs twisting encircling
As trees we are
The fates unfolding
Stories written a long time before

Ancient we are made from the stars

As seeds bursting open we grow
Blossoming into new forms
Our sent lingers on breezes
My petals unfolding
Choose a color
Which one will you be?

Earth... Rock... Fire... Flames...
Waters and rivers and winds...
This storm is breathing within

Our limbs twisting encircling
As trees we are
Track Name: Dreamsea
Reaching up from the earth to the sky
I bring myself to merge with the moonlight
I let go spread wings to take flight

I want to take my consciousness a little bit higher

I float above my body
Seeing forms down below
In this starry sea of dreaming
I let all my thoughts go

Like now I take a deep breath filling my chest
The chambers of my heart
hold the flames of this sacred art
I blow on the embers until they are bright

Bringing the heat up from my feet
And the fire down from the sky
Meet in the middle and burst into light

I want to take my consciousness a little bit higher

I nourish these seeds with the light of the stars
Finding the forms where alchemy arrives
Self-swirling into wholeness I climb

I want to take my consciousness a little bit higher
Track Name: Persephone
Peace descends upon the earth
A stillness comes with the darkness
I sit here alone in God
Underneath this spiraling universe of stars

I try to breathe as deep as the darkness asks
Sinking under…Breathing water

Peace descends upon the earth
A depth comes with the darkness
Persephone descends
Shadows grow longer as she goes underground
Persephone and her pomegranate seeds
Hades…Dancing with the Lord of Darkness

Spring sleeps in me now
As I take these pomegranate seeds
Dig deep into the rich earth
'Tis the womb place of all birth
I try to breathe as deep as the darkness asks

Demeter the earth her mother, she mourns for her
Her tears, the rain falling from the skies into mine.
This green earth Goddess dies, and a mother cries
For an innocence lost feels the cost in the darkness

Spring sleeps in me now
As I take these pomegranate seeds
I try to breathe as deep as the darkness asks

I'm seeking under...
I seek under...
I'm seeking under ground
Track Name: Caravans
The story is long, so many lifetimes lived
Here I am again, here I am again
So many lifetimes lived……

There’s a caravan behind me
Colors rich in tapestry
The dust of time…. Swirls through my mind.
So many lifetimes lived…

I am here
Daughter of the moon who feels the seas inside
I move with the tide
As the moon pulls me through
She pulls me through

There’s a caravan behind me
Scents are shifting memories
We are travelers
Harem to the mystery
I danced veiled….barefoot on the earth
Circling stones in temples…… ancient and worn
With singers of mystery……Under the crescent moon
Candlelight shadows and forms
So many lifetimes lived

Winds and sands shifting landscapes as we ride
Our stories are woven
Colors rich in tapestry
Voices of experience speak
These echoes of time…..they ripple in my mind
Threads unraveling
I find my way….
These threads unraveling…I find my way
Track Name: Pearl Diver
I awake on deep mornings filled with quiet
I dive under the surface to see what I can find
In the sweetness of your waters I seek a vision
I fall into the ocean, a drop of god...
A drop of god

I dive for pearls you see
That rest at the bottom
Enwrapped safely in their shells at the depths of my sea
The shells old inside their folds
A grain of sand like the hurts I hold
I dive for pearls and hold them close…
I hold them close

The ocean moves
Dance of the tides
Pulled by the moon
Changing time
Underneath it all rests the pearl

I am a pearl diver
Luminous as the moon
I seek to find the friend in god when I am alone
Will you dive underneath with me
Cause I want to know you deep too
Who are you?