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The story is long, so many lifetimes lived
Here I am again, here I am again
So many lifetimes lived……

There’s a caravan behind me
Colors rich in tapestry
The dust of time…. Swirls through my mind.
So many lifetimes lived…

I am here
Daughter of the moon who feels the seas inside
I move with the tide
As the moon pulls me through
She pulls me through

There’s a caravan behind me
Scents are shifting memories
We are travelers
Harem to the mystery
I danced veiled….barefoot on the earth
Circling stones in temples…… ancient and worn
With singers of mystery……Under the crescent moon
Candlelight shadows and forms
So many lifetimes lived

Winds and sands shifting landscapes as we ride
Our stories are woven
Colors rich in tapestry
Voices of experience speak
These echoes of time…..they ripple in my mind
Threads unraveling
I find my way….
These threads unraveling…I find my way


from Deer Harbor Live -- Autumn 2010, released December 1, 2010




Khadoma Olga, Washington

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